How to be a Visionary Manager? (2016 Update)

Visionary Manager

How to be a Visionary Manager?


In the corporate world, a manager of an entity holds an esteemed position. It’s not just inherent, but it’s about the impact one may have on the rest of the team. A manager needs to manage his troops well. It’s easier said than done. Global economic environment is reeling, if not teetering. Trade deals have been badly hit and trade relations among various countries have nosedived.

The global economic environment may not have touched its lowest, but is it worthwhile to wait for it, anyway. The role of a manager becomes crucial. Whether it be a financial storm or a natural catastrophe, she/he not only needs to stay calm, but needs to have a trickle down effect as well. How to lead your team out of a crisis situation is an art. If you’d like to ace that, then the following lines can serve you ideally.

Let the Emotions Flow In

It may be instinctive to keep the emotions, good or bad, out of the office environment. How you’re feeling should be kept at bay. Really? Well, research suggests otherwise. If you repress the emotions, then it can have negative effect on your mental and physical productivity. With such a hindered mental aptitude, do you think you’d be able to cope with the stress of managing a business often comes with. The next time you’re feeling emotionally charged, make sure you accept and let those emotions flow in. It will settle the nerves and you will be able to focus much more intuitively on the work and the team you’ve to manage.

Follow a Whole sum Game

As a manager, you’ve to take your team along with. You need to bring out the best in them. Company’s growth should be linked with individual growth. Hence the whole sum game. Let your team members think, don’t be bossy! Even if you don’t want to mess around with the final decision, even then a bunch of creative people who can think outside of the box wouldn’t harm your company any bit. Learn to have them learn how to lead!

Lead and Show them the Path

Your team members look up to you for guidance. As a manager, you’ve to be a role model. You’ve set the pace and tone for them to follow. Don’t go too fast else they’ll skip things just in order to reach the finish line. Don’t go too slow as well. It’ll blur the incentive to stay on track. Tread carefully, as you’re taking the future of the company along with.


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