Traveller’s Master Survival Guide to Travelling Nightmares

Traveller's Master Survival Guide

With loads of people travelling solo, going backpacking, taking road trips, or simply making vacations their yearly ritual, travelling is a trend today. The after-tour funny selfies, travel blogs, and adventure videos can easily mask the effort it takes to make a vacation amusing. Imagine your valuables are stolen while you soak yourself in the cool waters at the beach or you get stranded on a deserted land when exploring an off-beat path. Sounds horrific right? There are simple tricks to avoid these travelling nightmares. Follow this travel survival guide to stay safe and come back with amazing stories to tell!

Have a Plan

Spontaneous travel is wonderful but a bit of planning doesn’t hurt. As soon as you pick a destination, go online and research things to do there. Check the best available routes and read them through in case you lose the map or your phone has no network when actually traversing the place. Check for flights, transfers, accommodations, transportation and book them in advance. You do not have to follow the itinerary to the T but you also do not want to wander around on deserted streets at night because you missed the last bus!

Pack All Your Essentials

Document mishaps are a common scene with travelers. The last thing you want is the realization at the airport that you forgot your passport at home! Avoid these untoward circumstances by having a packing list. Carry your valuables like passport, license, and copies of each document, maps, gadgets, toiletries, and first aid. Don’t forget the weather forecast and carry the required clothes.

Check the Local Customs and Learn Some Words in the Local Language

You do not want to invite negative attention and troubles by appearing like a lost tourist. Always put your confident self in front and look like you know where you’re going even if you don’t. Research about the local customs and dress and behave appropriately. Also, learn some common words and phrases in the local dialect. Having a good idea about your holiday destination always helps.

Let Loved Ones Know About Your Whereabouts

It is lovely to indulge yourself in the moment but keeping loved ones aware of your plans could be helpful in times of peril. Stay in constant touch with your family or friends. Let them know your current location, where you are going next, how you plan to travel, etc. Utilize technology and social media to keep your loved ones informed about your whereabouts.

Safeguard your Valuables

That constant worry about your valuables is the most frustrating part, especially when you are travelling solo. You wish to plunge into the sea but the tension keeps you from thoroughly enjoying. While you can leave behind your valuables at the hotel’s locker, it might not always be safe and possible. Place a Do Not Disturb Sign, tape your valuables under drawers, desks, or ironing boards, etc., to prevent them from being stolen. If you have to carry them, then bury them in between your towel or carry waterproof containers so you do not have to leave them anywhere.

Don’t Get Over Drunk

Partying is a default inclusion in most travel plans. While travel is about enjoying to the fullest, drinking too much is an invitation to unsafe situations. It is easy to lose judgments when you start drinking. And, when you don’t have friends or family to look out for you, you can easily find yourself in risky situations by getting over drunk. Party but don’t lose your senses!

Trust your Instincts

While exploring an unknown path seems fulfilling, do not wander off too far to be lost. Also, pay attention to your intuitions or gut feelings as they usually have a good reason behind them. If you feel something is not right or someone makes you feel unsafe then don’t stay just for the sake of being polite. Be aware, trust your gut feeling, and get out of such situations.

Danger doesn’t lurk around every corner, but staying alert can save your experience from turning into a nightmare. So, keep in mind this travel survival guide and revel in the freedom and joy of your next trip!

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