Singapore Safe Haven for Women Entrepreneurs (July 2017)

Women Entrepreneurs

If you know women who are interested in establishing a new business in a thriving, conducive and accommodating environment where women are naturally supported to succeed, don’t look elsewhere, Singapore offers the best environment for women entrepreneurs to excel.

Singapore is arguably the best place for women investors to excel in Asia; this is not a gainsaying, fact, and statistics support these assertions. Perhaps you may need to consider why this is so before you decide on the best country to invest your money as a woman in the whole of Asia.

MasterCard index rates women in Singapore high

It was an amazing feeling when the MasterCard women index ranked Singapore among the top five nations for women entrepreneurs. The ranking made the Singapore number in the whole of Asia and just behind nations like; New Zealand, Canada, US, and Sweden in that order.

Obviously, this is connected with the Singapore access to adequate finances and knowledge assets. These are parameters to measure the degree of marginalization women face, progress women make and higher education certificates.

With all these conditions, Singapore seems to be the natural haven for women who are venturing into business, with values and qualities that no nation matches in Asia despite the fact that most economies are thriving in the developing continent. It is, therefore, a rare opportunity for women to be naturally prepare to be business owners. Having access to top notch financial instruments to grow their businesses.

The secret behind women success in Singapore

It doesn’t emerge as a mistake that Singapore is the business hub for women overnight. Good governance that is prevalent in the country helps a great deal with a world class and affordable education even at tertiary level and ease to access financial instruments, it can’t get better anywhere else in Asia, no wonder Singapore is rated in the same category with the US, Canada and other developed nations in this survey.

Singapore tops the survey in the women business ownership, access to financial instrument and entrepreneurship, a bold statement that the tiny nation is gearing to rule the business world in Asia.

If you are willing to start a business as a woman in the Asia, and you are considering all options available in different countries, don’t need to look any further, pay a visit to Singapore and explore all the opportunities on ground for women venturing into business.

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If my head were any bigger though I would need a large&#44 so if you have a REALLY big head then you should probably go with the extra large.The hat is well made&#44 and does not have a \”cheapness\” to it. The brim on mine is very flexible&#44 so I can put it up&#44 down&#44 or a combination of both! I am very satisfied with this hat!~5|Jubes^Fits my giant melon great&#44 bought the 3XL. Nice looking hat&#44 comes pre-washed for that broken in feel. Great fishing hat.~5|Cphillips^I bought this for my husband who has shaved head to protect it from the sun when we go to baseball games and the beach. I am very pleased with this hat. It fits well based on the measurements Amazon provided. It is well made&#44 and has a “broken in” (but not crummy) look to it. I like the neutral color khaki as well&#44 it will match lots of different outfits (obviously a female concern!)~5|Schoolteacherbob^The hat is terrific. really sturdy and very well made. Fits like a glove. The only problem is that there are tags on the “reversible” part of the hat. They have to be “slit” out very carefully because they are attached by the stitching at the seam. You really can’t get all vestiges of the tags out.~4|Road King^Nice hat. Fit is good and quality is fine. The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of 5 is because the material is a bit stiff and the crown is a bit higher than I like. I prefer the relaxed crown and this is reenforced to hold a stiff and relatively high profile. I do like the generic&#44 no logo look and the price was right.~4|Chris R^good product would buy again~5|John L.^Great quality&#44 better than I was expecting&#44 will order again.~5|

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