What You Should and Shouldn’t Spend Your Money On

What to Spend Your Money On

The way a person handles their finances has a great impact on the quality of their life. If you are on the quest to make a better financial strategy for your life, then the first thing you have to do is make sure you are spending on the right things. At one glance, many of your expenses may seem justifiable. However, most of us spend too much money on the kind of things we should not be investing on, which makes it hard for us to spend for those things that we should.


What should you spend your money on?

First of all, let us speak about the kind of things you should spend your money on. Keeping aside the basic needs such as food and everyday needs, what are the other things that you should not be hesitant to spend on?


Experiences / Memories

This life should not be for merely living from one day to another doing things that you always have been doing. Since you are putting much effort and energy to earn your money, you owe yourself some good memories made by them as well. Spend well – but consciously – on experiences such as travelling and adventure. Those will not only give you good memories but will change you as a person for the better as well.



There are many people these days who are complaining about the high debts of educational loans. However, a proper education is one of those things which can truly help you to increase the quality of your life. If you invest in your education today, it means you get better career prospects with a higher salary tomorrow.


Healthy lifestyle

More often than not, people give the least importance for how they treat their body when it comes to finances. Your body is where you live, and therefore, you need to invest more in healthy food and a better lifestyle in order to face your life with a better vigor and confidence. Never hesitate to spend for your health and wellness.


What should you not spend your money on?

Here I am speaking to you standing in the context of you needing to save your money. If you do have more than enough money to spend and a little more to spare, then, by all means, you can go ahead and make the following expenses. However, if you are financially conscious about your spending, then you should read on.


Latest tech gadgets

If your current mobile phone is working perfectly fine, then there is no need to spend on buying its latest version. If you really want to splurge some money, then get yourself a good spa treatment and have a little to spare rather than going with the trend and buying unnecessary gadgets.


High Fashion

Clothes are supposed to keep you protected and comfortable while allowing you to express yourself fashionably. You can achieve all these from the clothes which are affordable and in the regular shops. Spending 5 times the money for a brand is unnecessary.



Similar to your tech gadgets, if your car is getting you to places, spending a whole lot of money to get a newer model car is a waste of your money, especially if you are already struggling to save. The maintenance of fancy cars doesn’t come cheap!

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