How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

How to Save Money on a Tight Budget

If one is earning peanuts and can barely pay bills, saving money might look impossible if not laughable. When there is less than $5 after all bills are paid can one really

Saving money, though difficult at times is a worthwhile and gratifying exercise. It ensures the saver has peace of mind, provides options and the more money is saved, the easier it becomes to accumulate savings and achieve goals.

This article has provided a list of interesting ideas that one can apply to save money.

Budgets and Targets

The o figure out what yourincome is and your expenses.

With these two figures, you can study your life style and look for ways to increase income and reduce expenses so that you can remain with a realistic figure to save.  This is how the most successful people have built multi-million little bit of work at the


Setting a specific target amount with timelines will help one have something to work towards.  For example “Save $80,000 in 6months”.  Once the target is achieved one can reward themselves and then set a different, possibly higher target.

Make accounts inaccessible

When the procedure of accessing the funds is made hard or complicated it discourages one from trying to withdraw money from the account all the time. ATMs can be locked away or even cut into pieces. The day one decides to spend the money; it will take a day or more to replace the card which gives them time to re-think their decision. It also tames impulse buying.

Automated deductions

In order to make the process easier automate (standing order) the deduction process so that the bank automatically deducts the portion of a pay-cheque and sends it to the savings account. The more you don’t think about it the easier it is.

Subscription Services

Any unnecessary services that keep auto-enrolling each month—whether being used or not must be reviewed and canceled where necessary. This applies to memberships to private clubs and organizations, gym fees, newspapers and magazines that you never read, audiobooks,TV and other entertainment services.Review your use and decide which ones can be canceled. Perhaps you cannot live without fast internet, but you can live without cable TV. Perhaps instead of paying a monthly fee for a high-end gym that you go to only once a week, you could walk or run in the outdoors for.

Lower Credit Limits

Many people are tempted to raise credit card limits whenever the credit card companies have offers. Or perhaps when they get a raise on their pay cheque. When monthly expenses exceed income it is very easy to fall into debt and saving becomes impossible.

Credit Charges

If charges are pay off on the same day they are incur, the card will be like a debit card. This will then prevent debt accumulation which incurs hefty interest rates.

Visualize your goals

If you are saving to buy a home, dream up and visualize yourself buying that specific house. Picture yourself walking through the gate, the door, in your favorite room or parking in the driveway and so on. The more you think about and focus on the goal, the more of a priority it becomes to find ways to cut spending by say $500 a month!

Prepare a visualboard with your saving goals and place them somewhere you can see them every day. You can use it as your laptopscreen saver or background picture or aswallpaper on your mobile devices. The more you see the goals, the harder you work to save.


None of these tips is the ultimate silver bullet on its own. If you apply them together they add up to a significant amount of money. Take time to review where your money can be utilize in a better way.

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