Personal Loan

What is Personal Loan?


In general, personal loans are small loans where moneylenders do not require you to provide a collateral or a guarantor to get the money. This is known as an unsecured loan. You however need to have a good credit rating and regular income to be able to get a loan.

It usually is a better idea to opt for a personal loan when you only require a small amount of money. Personal loans can be obtained quickly thus they are a good option for emergency situations.

Some of the people applying this loan for home enhancement, the latest gadget, wedding expenses or some other reason. Whatever reason you need the money, we can help you make your dream come true.

Only borrow from a licensed money lender

Recently, loan shark or unlicensed money lender is rampant around Singapore by using SMS, WhatsApp, or the internet. As usual loan shark is charge high-interest rate and will harass you and your family. So be smart don’t be the next victim.

Therefore, be careful to choose Singapore licensed moneylender. To avoid this happen we strict to build the bundle of reliable legal money lender in Singapore which truly endorsed licensed by Ministry of Law Singapore. We will gather all the information and refer the most responsible licensed moneylender with nearby you for your convenient.

Only borrow an amount that you need, do not over borrow

You are lawfully committed to reimburse the sum that you get, according to your reimbursement plan. If you fail to do so you may result in a decrease in your credit score. Therefore, never acquire beyond what you can bear to reimburse. Our specialists will enable you to work out a reasonable reimbursement plan.