Mandolin Food Slicer (2017 Update)

Mandolin Food Slicer

Mandolin Food Slicer for Profit

One invention of mankind that has stood the test of time is the food slicer. We all need to slice, chop, or grate certain foods. We do not want to slice or dice our fingers and that is why the improvements of slicers have been great to protect the chef. The first recognized slicer was invented in 1570 by Bartolomeo Scappi the head chef for Pope Pius VI.


The Original Food Slicer

The original food slicer had a small board with a central cutting blade. This was a fantastic invention for its era. The blade sizes and shapes varied and could be put on the board to slice and dice to make great dishes. It is not known who first upgraded the slicer but over time many new versions have been placed on the market.  This kitchen tool may seem simple but it can become dangerous if not properly used.


Today’s Food Slicer

The Mandolin is the modern version of a food slicer. It is easy to use, very durable, and will last for years. The blades are V shaped and made from stainless steel. It is one of the most modern tools in the kitchen. Used by both professional chefs and the modern day cook. You can store it very easily and it is also dish washer safe, the safety shields protect your fingers from being cut and it is constructed very well so it will not rust. It makes prep time very easy and quick. You can make French fries, julienne carrots, sliced apples or just about any fruit or vegetable imaginable.


The slicer was not originally called Mandolin but a man named Marcel Forelle from Toulouse which is in the south of France made the first metal one. He named it Mandolin because cooks in that area liked to play their mandolin whilst they served the delicious foods. The today’s slicer consists of the following specifications:

  • 13” long so one can hold it over a bowl or cutting board
  • 3 ½ “round to keep the fingers safe from the blade
  • Blade cartridges -4
  • Nonskid feet with easel bottom
  • Storage box for the blade cartridges
  • Dish Washer Safe

Inventions of today create revenue

While the food slicer was created back in the 1500’s it has become re-invented over time and is a great resource for income. Several different companies have made adjustments in the food slicer; they have changed the materials that it was made from, and added color to enhance the product. They were able to turn this object into a “Cash Cow” that has lasted for centuries. Companies like Pampered Chef realize this and sold it as part of their product line. Other companies have done the same changing the style or the method used to make the blades.


The bottom line is that this is also a “Star” product for major companies and professional chefs. They are re-inventing the wheel as they say by turning a good product into a great product. The Mandolin Food Slicer will surely be with us for a long time.

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