How to Make Some Extra money? (2016 Update)

How to Make Some Extra Money?

How to Make Some Extra money?

There are hundreds of ways to make some extra cash but it all comes down to this

“How willing are you to put in time and effort to make that extra bit of money?”

Nothing can be done by simply sitting at home. You must make a move in order to get things done. The same goes for making money. Nobody in life is going to hand over a great deal of money to you by simply laying on your couch. You must be willing to work in order to get paid.

Listed below are 5 ways that will help you to get some extra cash in your pockets each and every month:

  1. Change jobs
  2. Request a Raise
  3. Freelancing
  4. Blogging
  5. Tutoring


Five Ways to Make Some Extra Money:

1.     Change Jobs

If you are currently working at a particular company and have got decent amount of skills and experience and you know your worth, then you can always seek out other companies looking to hire potential, hardworking people.

What you can do is to ask for a higher pay (at the company you applied for job) than you are already getting. If the arrow hits the mark, there you have it, a paycheck which is worth the efforts you put in. In addition, you can also start out afresh in creating a reputation for yourself.

2.     Request a Raise

If you think that you are putting all your effort in your work you can always request for a raise in your pay. This may be tricky so having a strong and gentle argument for a raise will get you a bigger paycheck for the efforts you already put in.

3.     Go Freelancing

Freelancing is no doubt the best way to earn from the skills you possess. You can get that extra bit of cash by simply working part time. An hour a day to the work you specialize in will help you to earn some good amount of money in a faster way.

4.     Coaching

Coaching is something we all need at one point or another in our lives. Create a website and add up the coaching that you can provide to the people. If you already have a website you can add a coaching button on your website about the services you can provide.

5.     Start Tutoring

Tutoring is something we all have done at least once in our lives it might be to our younger siblings or to our friends. It is a great way to earn some extra bit of money by helping out students with their troubles in particular courses or by doing adult tutoring.

You can always make yourself a name in your society by telling students, adults and parents that you provide tutoring in particular subjects so if you happen to know anyone send him/her to me for help with studies.

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