Legal Moneylender

Legal Moneylender

Best Credit legal moneylender is the no.1 choice to obtain loan. Our company main target is giving loan to helping people solve urgent issue. We are creating variety type of loan product such as payday loan, non native loan, personal loan, business loan, debt consolidation loan, and wedding loan and so on. All of the loan is giving out with lowest interest rate and flexible repayment schedule.


Payday Loans

Payday credit or known as loan in perspective of your paycheck.

Personal issues contain repayment of utilities, lodging bills. Avoid late costs or getting your arrangements shut down when you didn’t pay in time. Late repayments indicate dreadful concentrations in your credit report considering gravely your record of advance repayment.

Payday credit is uncommon for those requiring financial plans.

Nonnative Loans

Are you a foreigner staying in Singapore? Requiring that bit of emergency cash for your rental or consuming through money.

Our non native credit has helped expat who working in Singapore. As long as you are holding permit no matter is working permit, S pass or EP pass you are welcome to get loan from us. Obscure conditions can happen and that could solve you in financial inconveniences when you are in Singapore.

We offer non native credits at low loan expenses and adaptable schedule so as to fit your monetary arrangement.

Personal Loans

Our Personal Loans is created and customized to your necessities as we offer versatile repayment terms and settled rate guarantee. Introduce your credit application on the web and get fast supports today.

Build up your business today with our privately owned business credits as they give the best of financing.


Legal Moneylender in Singapore

Best Credit legal moneylender is famous in Singapore town. At year 1985 Best Credit endorsed as a licensed money lender by Ministry of Law Singapore. This implies we have more than 32 years experience to giving out loan to helping million people.

Moreover, all of our loan advisor is given best training on money lending information and customer communication skill. Besides that, our advisors able communicate with multi language. Therefore, they can illustrate the item in loan contract with your understanding language. Because of this service we accumulate a lot customer satisfaction and customer referral apply loan from us.

The step of application is simple and clear and the contract is clear without any hidden cost. Unlike the loan shark is including hidden charge that not clearly stated in the contract. So you can peace in mind to obtain best loan from Best Credit license money lender.

We comprehend most of the borrower have regular working hour at 9am – 5pm, so we extended our office hour. Our office is open from Monday until Sunday. Office hour is Monday to Friday 11am -5pm, Saturday to Sunday 12pm-5pm.

For more information, contact Best Credit SG Pte Ltd. Drop us a call +65 6272 5538. We are a social affair of master moneylender that is situating in west zone of Singapore.


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