Investment Banking in Singapore (2017 Update)

Investment Banking

Investment banks are financial institutions that provide finance related services to companies, governments, and even individuals. The services offered include mergers and acquisitions, trading of derivatives and securities and financial advising. In Singapore, there are very many investment banks such as Citicorp, the northern trust company, Nordic, HL Bank and much more. All the investment banks in Singapore have come up with innovative measures and products so as to hedge out against competition in the market.

Mergers and acquisitions

Acquisitions occur when one company states interest to purchase another company and the one bought will be under the control of the buyer while in a merger tow businesses either in the same line of operations or not decide to merge and become one new business.Mergers and acquisitions mostly occur because of perceived threat by a growing company or if a company wants to retain dominance in the market.

Trading of derivatives and securities

This is a major function of investment banks. Investment banks such as Maybank in Singapore can be contacted by a company offering an initial public offering (IPO) for it to sell shares on its behalf to the general public. Also, investment banks as a financial intermediary between the investors and the corporations that are selling shares. Investors contact investment banks so that they can purchase shares in Singapore’s stock market and the banks have to trade and make profits for the investor. On the other hand, the investment banks should make sure that they sell shares to their respective corporations. The banks also have a duty of trading in derivatives which are securities that are based on an underlying asset. An example of a derivative is either a bond or shares.

Financial advisory

Investment banks act in good faith both to the investor as well as the company which is trading in the Singapore capital markets. They have an obligation of informing an investor which securities are most profitable. Also, the investment banks should report to the corporate companies the merits and demerits of listing a company in the initial public offering. They also have a duty to explain to the citizens of Singapore the benefits of investing in the financial markets and encouraging many of them to ensure because of their credibility as well as financial gains.


Investment banking in Singapore has been shrinking over the years due to a decrease in their revenues and profits. However, many of the investment banks are restructuring and coming up with new ways and technology to combat the challenges they are facing.

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