Hindrances of Insurance Markets in Singapore (2017 Update)

Hindrances of Insurance Markets in Singapore

Insurance companies thrive well in a favorable climate where the government comes to play and equally regulates all the players in the industry. However, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report of 2015 on a study of insurance companies in Singapore, they found out that the major challenges in the market included over regulation, cyber crime, change management and natural catastrophes

Over regulation

Most insurance managers noted with a lot of concern that Singapore was very strict when it came to issues relating to rules. There were so much unacceptable things than those allowed, and that was a very significant business threat to the economy. The study was conducted, and over 806 people were involved, and their widespread concern was that the country had more and onerous regulations compared to other neighboring countries and some even threatened to go to those countries. The exit by most insurance companies from Singapore’s markets means that the populace will not have any insurance and there will be a lack of investments leading to a decline in the economy growth.


Insurance companies were quick to admit that technology is growing at a very fast rate, especially in Singapore. However, some individuals were using computer technology to access personal information which is for malicious purposes. In some cases, these people would even hack the online accounts and get all the information regarding finances of a particular company and go to the extent of diverting the money in some dubious means. This was a huge threat which caused the insurance sector in Singapore to be ailing.


Change management

The biggest problem of individuals is the fact that they are reluctant to change. There are various changes in a business environment which are ultimately meant to increase the profitability of the firm. For instance, when a new management team is brought to an insurance firm people will tend to disobey them because they are new to the region. This stalls growth and therefore, the employees cannot work a team to actualize the goals of the company thus being major hindrance insurance businesses in Singapore face.


Natural catastrophes

Due to urbanization, there may be a lot of climate change. Climate change causes a lot of emissions to the air. For example, smoke. This may discourage people in this case, clients from coming to your business premises. This is because of the fear that they may be affected by the smoke being emitted by companies in the area. This has been a major challenge facing insurance companies in Singapore. Therefore, posing a significant threat to the growth of insurance enterprises in the region

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  12. Hap Hapablap^IIRC I threw this away. The top of the crown was far too wide compared to the rest of the hat and it looked awful.~4|Meh^Very tight-fitting~3|Honey^Got four of them…my husband has over the ear hearing aids and he is a walker…if he goes walking in the rain the hat protects his hearing aids.~4|Jacko^Great hat for the price! I’m buying two more in other colors! Fits perfect!~4|Miguel Hidalgo Prince^Color might be lighter than what I expected. Cool hat&#44 although its funny and flappy shape must be head-customized through wear. It’s a bit large&#44 but not too much. Cool hat.~4|david^The hat is somewhat too big…but then I do have a little head. Then again&#44 everyone likes a little head now and then.~4|D. Deahl^fits as expected. Does a great job keeping the sun off my bald head and ears. Which was the purpose of my purchase.~4|Caplite^Very nice and soft. I wear a 7 1/8 inch and the small/medium fit well.~5|CAPRICORN ONE^HI&#44I really like this hat (the older model)&#44 it was so nice just to dump it on my head and fit so loose and comfy. Not having to adjust some back strap like in a baseball cap&#44 etc. Also&#44 the cap seems to be a little heavy (not sure&#44 just how I feel). The older model had the (2XL) but this is (X-large / 2XL)&#44 meaning it’s a little smaller than the 2XL (feels more like an XL?). The seller put the correct size on the label&#44 I was just hoping for the old&#44 big fit (No!). Again&#44 it’s a good hat for most but if you really miss that big&#44 old bucket like I do (this isn’t that one?)Some very good news&#44 a Company called Dorfman Pacific is selling the 2XL buckets for $8.95. I got one&#44 really liked&#44 ordered 2 more. I bought the stone color (pic looks a little blue but hat is a normal green). This company also sells some in the XL&#44 so you’ll need to look around a bit.-THANKS!-~4|JGlover^Fit as expected and I like the smaller brim.~5|

  13. Ray^I’ll admit I have a big head or at least is seems that way when I wear this hat. It’s put together OK but a bit small for my head. I like that it’s low-profile&#44 I have the strap loosened up to fit me but there isn’t enough strap to tuck in the slot so I have a piece that sticks out in the back. It does what I need it to but I will only use it as a work hat. It’s not tight but there isn’t enough strap left over to tuck back into the slot on the back of the hat. (I bought the black one and a dark blue one)~3|Devin^This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!! I wanted a plain black hat that wasn’t big and bulky like a men’s hat. This is perfect!~5|Jackie P^Love this cap. Perfect for wearing to the gym. And no advertising of any company.~5|Douglas Smith^Very cute for my daughter with her ponytail. We’ll buy a navy one as well.~5|Chris^I love this hat!! I wear it when I go running and it’s perfect! I was worried this hat wasn’t going to be low enough but it was just right. Also it has and adjustment on it so you can make it looser or tighter.~5|james robert kramer^Good to have a resource as this.~5|MJ^Nice hat. Good quality!~5|Steven Paul Sagle^Fits good&#44 good quality.~5|Moriah Conant^Super great hat!~4|Nia Drake^Far too much space in the top of the hat. Fits awkwardly. Good material light weight which is nice but would return if it weren’t a hassle.~4|b&b^Really a great hat and perfect to vent heat and protect face & particularly back of neck. Most of all&#44 it is a smiple&#44 good looking hat. Love the side view curve to it w/long brim front and back&#44 and with nice roll on side brims (its got character). I made a mistake the first time as it came all crumpled up in a really tight bag and too small a box. However&#44 glad I tried again as when left out on the table for a couple of days it grew back to how it looks in the picture. Also able to form. Perfect fit&#44 with elastic also. Highest recommendation.~5|lynda^tag says made in china which was nowhere in the product description… i expected it to be shaped as the picture but the front and back were flipped upwards so i had to reshape it… and the back does not look anywhere near as long as the picture which is why i chose this hat to begin with. i thought this would be a good fit but it is too large. it did come with a small strip but i am going to need to put weatherstripping all the way around the inside band area for it to fit better. will not return it but next time i will shop for a different brand.~3|DGO^My hubby loves the hat…I bought it to replace one he bought over 15 years ago. The inside of the hat has a soft elastic band that helps keep the hat in place but not so tight that if leaves a mark on his forehead. The rim has a pliable metal wire in it so you can adjust the hat.~5|FJR13T^you have to shape it and its not easy to do to make it look great&#44 but hey&#44 it was super cheap so you get what you pay for.~3|Lisa Marie^It is lightweight and stretches to fit. Could be a little big if you have someone that has a smaller head. Bought for my son but seemed a little more on the feminine side. However it is easy to bend and mold to shape you want. The only drawback is it doesn’t pack well. After extended time of being squishes down in a suitcase&#44 took a while to get its shape back. For the price I paid it wasn’t bad.~3|G. L. Crittendon^Great hat. I like Baseball style hats. But I sweat too much to keep them longer than a month. This hat gives my head great protection from the sun. And it doesn’t show any sweat/salt stains.~5|Colin Myers^Comes down so far in the back when rolled it comes off when gardening or doing anything that requires one to look up.~3|Heather^Awesome hat for the price. Fits and looks great! It is not meant to be “perfect” or sturdy but is bendable and shapeable. Glad I bought it. Totally worth it!~5|Topasna^Very cheap feeling and runs small. I returned it and will try to find another one that is bigger and feel like it was made better.~3|Jeanie W^Love the style&#44 material and how the air can get thru&#44 only a bit too small. I think tho&#44 after wearing it’s getting to the right fit.~4|Article not received yet.^Exactly as described&#44 shipped and arrived as expected and promised. Fits my large melon. Only thing holding back from giving it 5 stars was the quality of the material that is stretched over the bill portion since it feels similar to a hefty contractor trash bag.~4|Dexter Malgapo^You get what you pay for. It’s okay for it’s purpose but not really high-quality. Most of the material are just hard plastic&#44 but hey&#44 what do you expect for $9. Hat arrived in perfect condition and it fits me well&#44 having the adjustable strap at the back. Overall&#44 I’m happy with the purchase.~5|g8rpit^Good quality for what it is… a costume hat. I wore it picking up my mother-in-law from the hospital after a car wreck and she had a giggle. I liked that this one is adjustable in the back.~5|A C^Used as a joke gift for a 16 year old new driver. Was cute.~5|Ariel Walker^I bought this for a friend of mine as a gift because he liked being the driver for our group of friends so he always chauffeurs us around. Now he puts it on every time he takes all of us to hang out! Its great! And it has a snapback to adjust to any size head. However&#44 it is a costume quality hat&#44 nothing fancy~4|Amazon Customer^I got this as a joke for my Dad’s birthday. The funniest part was that another family member bought the exact same hat as well. Literally…the same hat! He loves them both!~5|Jacqueline Marrero^I purchased the Chauffeur cap for my older son to drive my 18 yr old son and his date to their prom. The cap is nice and can be worn as part of a costume as well. It definitely served the purpose and everybody at the Champagne party got a big kick out of my older son being dressed in chauffeur attire. I would definitely recommend. The package arrived much sooner than expedited.~5|Tony Micallef^nice hat~5|theglue99^Was best man for my friend’s wedding. He wanted me to drive him (and his new bride) to the hotel after the wedding in the rental car her dad got. This was the perfect “gimmick” hat&#44 and added just the right amount of humor and fun. Big hit with everyone at the reception.~5|Ultimate Jordan^I bought these to as a fun gag to pick up my girlfriend from the airport. The quality is ok. It would have gotten a 4 star but they had the serial number sticker on the bill of the cap and it just left a mark after I removed the sticker. I couldn’t get off the outline of the sticker. Otherwise the adjustable strap is a plus as well.~3|

  14. Vincent Biever^I was somewhat disappointed in this product for a few reasons. First off&#44 the communication between the shipping company&#44 the provider and myself was quite confusing. It ended up in me paying for another t shirt because I thought I wouldn’t get mine in time from this provider. However&#44 with that being said&#44 I was suprised at the speed of shipping while coming from overseas. Also tho&#44 the shirt (at least the one I received) had a darker or color and a faded logo&#44 unlike what is pictured. It was a little small as well. Regardless&#44 it is still a shirt that I wear and I still enjoy it. I might not be quick to recommend this especially since you can spend 2 more dollars and get more certainty and better service.~3|Mike P^Great t shirt! Takes a little longer to get to you because it comes from oversees but is worth the wait. The shirt is really nicely made&#44 with a gray lining around the collar providing more comfort and sweat protection. Cool design and a really true orange color. A great t shirt!~5|Joshuas amzon kustomer^It’s an okay shirt …the kneck size is different….the logo is a little off …it was not printed in the middle of shirt….but I could wear it for Halloween…~4|Amazon Customer^The shirt was a gift for the holiday&#44 the shirt arrived with some sort of stain on the upper back near the neck line of the shirt &#44 had to wash it to get the stain somewhat out. Still feel it was a good deal for the money. Just make sure you look it over and by it in advance just in case you have a problem too~3|Emma Keys^The shirt is good quality but the symbol is flaking off after only 1 wash in cold water and air dry. Disappointed as I am an Aquaman fan~4|Amazon Customer^Great product great price&#44 fits well&#44 wish it was tagless and an official DC comics product but still bright colors~4|Mireles^The shirt it’s fit perfect …. My boyfriend loved!!! Thanks~5|J. A. Marrero^I’m an Aquaman fan from the 70’s&#44 and this shirt reminds me of the cartoon series.~4|Walter^Fits perfectly and feels well made.~5|Stephhanie^A=~5|

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  16. Megiddo^I got the XL (I’m 5′-9″ 185lbs… yeah I have some winter chub to work off) and it’s a good fit. The shorts have a rubber strip around the leg opening… the only fault. No idea why that’s needed. Just ordered the red set. Delivery was quick too green set was prime but not the red set.The set is as good as kits I bought at 2x-3x the price.Just got the red kit. I know the picture shows shorts&#44 but I went from the description and the previous green order. These are shorts and NOT bibs (the description says bibs). I hate shorts.~4|Cisco^The bib pants feel good. The shirt is to tight around my biceps. The over all quality is good. The only thing I hate is that I bought these when I was a rookie rider. Now I feel like a cornball wearing the shirt. I now prefer plain unbranded shirts.~4|Janet F.^The product is very good. I live in the heat and this Jersey is very comfortable and also keeps me cool. The fit is good and the quality is very good as well. Also the seller is very concerned about taking care of you. It was a pleasure doing business with them on every level~5|garry^For the price…. Perfect…. I did a 50miles ride on them&#44 they were great…. No pain..~5|Essentials of Behavior&#44 LLC^I like the Jersey and shorts. However&#44 I had the exchange the XXL for the XXL because the XXL&#44 which should have fit by sizing chart&#44 were too tight. Very good quality and good looking.~4|Brendanmanes^Ordered an xxl and fit perfect as I am usually a large. Shipping was within 2 days. Will order agian~5|Eric^Was a little tight but not enough to suggest a smaller size. All in all&#44 I’m happy with it. Looks sexy and does what it’s supposed to do.~4|K. Redwood^Ordering 2 sizes larger still wasn’t enough for the bib shorts. The jersey fit fine&#44 but seriously&#44 unless ya all sent me the wrong size bib shorts&#44 go 3 sizes larger~3|Valdemar Silva^Works as advertised!~4|Roy Ramos^nice!~5|

  17. wendi a costanzo^Tee was a nice gift&#44 fits well. Great logo&#44 great color choices and reasonably priced. I thought it would shrink so I bought a size up&#44 that is not needed.~4|Amazon Customer^This shirt was a gift. It fitted perfectly. The birthday girl looked and felt comfortable. Arrived on time. Birthday girl was extremely happy.~5|T^Perfect!~5|Tammy P.^well made~5|Beth J.^Sizing is way off.~3|Tracy Hampton^Nice shirt~4|Moe Knows^The shirt was not full length as it appeared on the image. I ordered an XXL for a friend and after taking out and looking at&#44 it was clear to see this shirt was not going to fully cover her. It’s not similar to any XXL women’s shirts I’ve picked up for her from other stores.~3|Amazon Customer^Great!~5|

  18. Donna L. North Carolina^I was looking for lounge pants to wear while I am at home and I wanted a thinner material for warmer weather and these fit the bill. They are super comfortable and a lot cooler than wearing sweat pants. I am 5′ 3″ and I expected them to be a bit long on me when I saw the length but it isn’t an issue as I only bought them to lounge around the house in.~5|karrie^To big and the back of the pants sits lower than the front. .didn’t like them at all do they were returned~4|Benjamin C.^Average lounge pants. Material was much thinner than expected.~4|Dianne Heidanus^Fit was perfect&#44 except to long. Very nice pants!~5|Laurie Braddy^Very comfortable. Wash and dry easily. No shrinkage. Going to buy more!~5|

  19. Ursula^It’s a women’s turban! My husband looked like a fortune teller! Going back!~4|Robert D. Silverstein^Not advertised as a ladies turban&#44 which is what the package says. I deliberately did not want a ladies’ turban.~4|Joe Citizen^My mother-in-law finds is too tight. I am looking for solutions.~3|Judie Eggersgluess^does not look like what I thought it would be&#44 looks like a towel around your head&#44 gave them to goodwill store.~4|Amazon Customer^Product claims to be unisex but even arrives with the label “Woman’s”. Clearly a woman’s turban.~4|Amazon Customer^Worked fine for our needs (school musical). Arrived promptly.~4|Angela Mariscal^Super cute. Strong but soft material. Very pleased.~5|marc logan^Hey ..Lovein it !!..makes me feel Royal .Thanks!! ..Marc ..~5|

  20. Amazon Customer^Nice fit~5|syerram^too large.~3|Marie83^Nice shirt. Not too long&#44 not too tight. Good quality. Looks good on my husband.~5|Arthur M Donovan^Great shirt&#44 but fits a little large; especially in the shoulders.~5|Kristi^My son wears it a lot&#44so he must like it!!~5|Anthony Rackley^Great shirt. I ordered two more.~5|Cat C^Love the fit!!!~5|Shamir Karamat-Ali^PERFECT SHIRT FOR ME~5|JOSE ARCADIO GARCIA GARCIA^It was good~5|randall augustine^love the soft feel. shirt fits great~5|

  21. Bookaholic^Very disappointed. One of the worst shorts I’ve ever seen. It is fuzzy looking. Shirt is cheap&#44 thin&#44 and rough. You can see through it due to the thin material. It even says Professional Dry Clean Recommended?? What? Would have been better to buy a black undershirt and iron on an image. Spent same amount at FYE for a similar Slytherin shirt that was a lot nicer. It is not a slim fit&#44 just a cheap material. The arms look like a youth large with a mens medium torso. Took 3 weeks to get here for Christmas&#44 which it did but I wouldn’t give this. Going to try to return as the description was not accurate at all.~3|Loki^For what I paid for this product&#44 I certainly didn’t get what I expected. I usually wear a medium size (and sometimes small&#44 depending on the brand)&#44 and ordered a large but it fits like a small. In addition to that the fabric is extremely thin and I’m afraid to break the seams. Considering the other reviews&#44 I wonder if there’s multiple manufacturers of this who use different size guides.Other than that it looks great&#44 I just wish the fit was better (and more accurately represented; if it’s a slim fit&#44 put it in the description!).~4|Joyeux1981^This is NOT an officially licensed product&#44 nor does it look like the photo. It is a cheap&#44 blurry reprint on a generic (nylon?) t-shirt. I don’t know what the shirt is made of because there is no tag. It looks like a cheap imitation of the advertised product. I took some close-up photos so you can see the resolution of the material of the shirt versus the print quality. It looks like the photo is blurred&#44 but that is just the print.I WOULD NOT BUY AGAIN&#44 and would return it if it were not more than the cost of the shirt to ship it back to China.~3|Alex^This shirt is not only stylish for any fellow Slytherin&#44 but the fit is exactly as expected. I ordered this a size larger than I actually wear since I prefer baggier shirts&#44 and I must say that the fit was perfect for my taste. The fabric feels very nice on the skin and is very durable. A problem I see in most graphic tees is that the stability of the fabric is flimsy and often rips&#44 but that is far from the case with this shirt! It has been a year since I’ve purchased this product&#44 and I’ve worn it so many times without the print coming off or cracking and without any rips&#44 holes&#44 or tears. This is a must buy for any potter-head&#44 especially for fellow Slytherins.~5|Cristom Payagen^A lot of people are giving negative reviews because it’s smaller than expected; however&#44 know that these are slim fit t-shirts! Depending on your build&#44 you may or may not want to get a size larger. If you’ve got extra body fat in your stomach/chest area&#44 I recommend getting 1 size bigger if you wear a S/M shirt&#44 or 2 sizes bigger if you wear a L/XL. If you have a more athletic build and don’t find yourself tugging at make your shirt baggier to cover your man boobs&#44 go with the size you normally wear~5|BluesReviews^WAY TO SMALL. I were a medium and some t-shirts a large&#44 so I went large on this one………the shirt is tiny. It is cheaply made&#44 but the size is the biggest issue. I mean it isn’t even close to a large. Very disappointed and have requested a refund.~4|Anthony Orozco^The image on the shirt is TERRIBLE. Can’t even distinguish what it is. Don’t buy this&#44 looks nothing like how it looks in thee pictures&#44 the actual image is heavily pixelated~3|Roan^The T-shirt was great.I am not a man but female and the shirt fit perfectly fine. I’m 5’0 and got a Medium. I washed the shirt and then it shrinked a bit but it still fits fine. I didn’t experience any of those things that some other people experience like it wasn’t the right color or anything it was just great&#44 hope this helped~4|Laura Manning^Do not order! The sizing is too small & they are made of possibly polyester. Not sure because there is no identifying tags inside garments. Also picture is very bad. Tried to return but they want me to pay the return shipping or if I keep the item that doesn’t fit & looks like crap&#44 they will refund me $2.00.Would give it no stars.~3|K. Parks^Exactly what I was expecting. Fits well&#44 nice color&#44 I’m very satisfied.~5|

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