Foreigner Loan

A foreigner loan is for expats who residing in Singapore with thirsty of cash. As a foreigner living and working in Singapore, you may encounter some monetary problems. Your personal expenses here can drain you financially. In Singapore, it is hard for foreigners to raise fund to clear any sudden expenses. In any event, you are an expat staying and working here, you may wonder where to get the money to help you tide over. It can be difficult to get money as you may not know anyone from whom you can borrow money. That’s where we come in. We are able to provide you with a foreigner loan at low-interest rates. The repayment schedule which provides from our partners is very flexible as well.

Presently, Ah Long or unlicensed money lender is spamming around Singapore by using WhatsApp, SMS or website. In case you get cash from the Ah Long they will charge very high interest and maybe harassing you and your family when chasing repayment. Therefore, be smart don’t be the next victim.

So, if you really need money must choose Singapore licensed moneylender. To avoid this tragedy we work hard to come out a list of reliable legal money lender in Singapore which truly endorsed licensed by Ministry of Law Singapore. We are select few of the most responsible licensed moneylender to you, to fulfill your requirement.

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