Daniel Craig: The Making of a Millionaire (2017 Update)

Makings of a Millionaire

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Daniel Wroughton Craig is now a well known millionaire. Without having to be a financial genius or investing in the stock market. He did not invent anything or become a scientific genius to earn his fortune. Mr. Craig is an English born actor. His claim to fame is that of starring in four successful movies as “James Bond”. A well known fictional spy. While it may seem a bit ridiculous that one person can gain such a commission, it really is possible if you are as talented and recognized as him.


Mr. Craig’s Life

Daniel Craig has had a series of acting roles throughout his life. He is an alumnus of the National Youth Theatre and he graduated from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Daniel started out by playing in films such as Elizabeth, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court and in Sharpe’s Eagle. Furthermore, he also played in the movie Road to Perdition. Mr. Craig was in the television version of Zorro. He has an extensive background in acting so it was only natural for him to star as “James Bond”.


The English actor then began his role as “James Bond” in the remake of Casino Royale. This gave him the appeal that the audience wanted. ION Productions then declared him the next “Bond” Star. He was the sixth actor to play the role of Bond and added a touch of modern class to the character. He has always been a serious actor and this role was perfect for him. His acting in Casino Royale earned him a BAFTA award nomination. He is highly acclaimed as the actor who did his own stunts. He also did one of the most dangerous stunts in Casino Royal by jumping from one crane to another.


Being a Millionaire is not that Easy

Mr. Craig is worth over $45 Million dollars which gave him the financial status that many actors strive to achieve. While he earned that amount money from the four “James Bond” movies, it did not come easy for him. He had accidents and sustained injuries that many actors today have not. He insisted on doing many of his own stunts to make the movies much more believable and honest. The producers held their breath at times,  hoping they weren’t going to lose him before the movie was finished.


Today he is forty eight years old and ION Productions wants him to make two more movies in the series.  Mr. Craig was offered $150m to star in two more “James Bond” films. This is a very reasonable amount when you see the statics on the four movies he made.

  1. Skyfall- $304,360,277 released in 11-9-2012
  2. Spectre- $200,074,609 released in 11-6-2015
  3. Quantum of Solace $168,368,427 released in 11-14-2008
  4. Casino Royale $167,445,960 released 11-17-06

The movie industry is one of the best resources for financial gain. In addition, a boost to the economy of many countries. Ticket sales in each country are tremendous, giving revenue to their economy. Today “James Bond” is one of the highest revenue earning movies made.

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