Content Marketing (2017 Update)

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

We now live in a world where content marketing is at the center of business. Especially as it involves connecting people. Content marketing as a concept is on an all encompassing strategic marketing tool. It is focused on creating awareness to customers, through product description. This is a way to retain and attract customers and positively influence their behaviour towards a certain product. Your business idea or skill is your content and you should put it out there for people to see in an attractive eye catching way.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing


Referral Link

Content marketing through the referral link process, ensures that prospective customers are aware of your product. Especially that it is being use by well established companies. This will certainly boost customers’ interest in your product. If for instance, you have provided services for Coca Cola or a leading telecommunications giant, you can feature or make reference to previous works. Having a referral link on your company’s brochure or redirecting them through online advert or ads gives it a special alternative among several options to buy from.


The Branding Process

A simple strategic way of beautifying a product, which will attract customers is by making sure that you are up to date with regards to trends. This implies embarking on series of changes. For example, Apple, where customers get new features and upgrade on a yearly basis. People want new things and as business owners, we must regularly satisfy their appetites. Branding is not just about naming, it includes introducing new content for marketing in order to boost sales and appeal to new customers.


The Role of Social Media in Content Marketing

Imagine getting one million people to have a ‘taste’ of that fruit juice you are about to launch in the market. It’s like literally pouring out the contents into their mouth albeit, through their gadgets. Content marketing strategy that fails to make use of the right channel for promoting products is bound to fail. Understanding the demographics of our target audience will enable us to choose the right channels. If you are not passing a message across, then you are not going to persuade. This is evident in the campaign of top companies. The question we need to ask is what do we want people to know?


Product Description

Having a product rebranded and repackaged. Or even spending millions on billboard adverts and all sort of social media campaigns on Facebook or Twitter are not enough. People really want to know what is really there. That amazing camera, phone or flat screen. Or the wonderfully package solar device can attract sales if the features are well mention. A product description as a content marketing tool, must be short, precise and answers questions which customers are yearning to get. It also describes the uniqueness of the product and the essential attributes that differentiates it from other competing products.

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