Singapore Cell Phone Users Must Trade In! (2017 Updates)

Cell Phone Users
Cell Phone Users

Singapore Cell Phone Users Must Trade In!

Many people, especially the older generation, who live in Singapore are still using the old Nokia 8250’s cell phones. Despite having Apple and Samsung in the market. It is very easy to use and economical to have. However, this is going to change in 2017. The newer smart phone craze will soon be part of the country’s economy. The old Nokia 2G cell phone is scheduled to be turned off by the Singapore government soon. This will leave many customers without any form of communication. Newer 3G will hit the market and sales are expected to boom.


3G Cell phones hit Singapore Market

It is estimated that about 167,700 customers are presently still using the old Nokia cell phones. When the government turns them off there will be a sudden demand for newer, 3G enabled phones. The residents have been slow to change over to the newer smart phones like many others around the world have already done. It seems like they feel that the newer phones apps are not necessary or economical. Many people refer to the newer phones as the future phone or the “dumb phone”. While future generation of cell phone users can’t wait for the newest technology in cell phone use to be available.


Ergonomics of Nokia’s Smallest Phone

Everyone loved the Nokia phone when it was first released in 1999. It is small and very light. Nokia phones are great for making phone calls and some texting. It had no headphone jack which no one seems to mind. This was at one time considered to be one of the coolest phones on the market. People can easily carry it around in their pocket or purse without problems. The cost was minimal for usage and the phone itself was not very expensive. The newer iPhone 7, Apple’s latest invention carries away the second generation of phone users. It will be a miracle if the older businessmen can even activate the cell phone. Time will teach them how to use the apps and they will hopefully grow to love the smart phone even more.


Smartphone, what’s not to like?

There are multiple reasons to want the newer smartphones. Many users end up falling in love with the iPhone 7 once they get the hang of using the apps. One thing that many people like is the fact that they can get whatever music they want wherever they want it. This is a plus factor in this busy world in which we live. The ability to find places with the use of Goggle Maps, calculator and the many other advantages will help make life a bit easier. It will not be long before the Singaporeans fall in love with the new found technology.



The replacement of the old Nokia phones means more than just bringing the citizens up to date with the modern world. It will also boost the economy of Singapore with the thousands of phones that will be on the market for the residents to buy. There are those who will not want to switch but when the service is turned off eventually just about everyone will own the latest smartphone.

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