Beautiful European Cities that Tourists Bypass

Beautiful European Cities that Tourists Bypass

The best preserved German medieval town looks just like a fairy tale. Spiers, cobbled streets, old houses, all of this can be found in Rothenburg …

Yes, yes, we all want to see Paris, London, Rome and other European centers, but while we often forget that there are cities and towns that do not chart on the tourist maps, but offer quite a lot. So next time remember, to visit Bergen or place Lacoste is not at all a bad thing.

Lacoste, France

Location: In the south of the country in the glorious Provence, 40 kilometers from Marseille, lies the town of Lacoste.

Visitors who come to Lacoste, usually take a sightseeing tour of the castle of Marquis de Sade, which dates from the 17th century. Also, in the surroundings you will find a number of vineyards that can be visited and taste fine French wine, and enjoy the evening, good options are Cafe de Sade Cafe de France.

Also, given that the holiday is not a real holiday without shopping, here is a glossy boutique ShopSCAD where you will find interesting things made by students and professors from the university.

Sawrey, England

Location: In the North East of England, less than two hours drive from the airport in Manchester.

The village dates from the 14th century, and everyone who was here, praising him as a great place for rest and relaxation. Here is also a house for children English novelist Beatrix Potter, which has now turned into a museum, but we recommend a tour of it and return to the days of childhood.

Speaking of writers, such as and in the nearby village of grammar school great poet William Wordsworth, who is also a fine place to visit. Anyone who loves history, near as possible to visit the remains of Hadrian’s wall, so we believe, how you Sawrey surroundings can hardly disappoint.

Rothenburg, Germany

Where is: In Bavaria, an hour’s drive from Nuremberg, so if you get bored, you can quickly run there, or time of Munich.

It is the best preserve German medieval town, which looks just like a fairy tale. Spiers, cobbled streets, old houses, all of this can be found in Rothenburg. As soon as you recommend to take thirty minutes and take a walk along the old city walls, then it pays to go to the town hall in front of which often take place various concerts and entertainment programs. If you arrive in time for Christmas, know that the city is famous for the Christmas fairs, but if you come, you will not regret it, because if you win the first Rothenburg.

Bruges, Belgium

Location: From the capital Brussels, the train will arrive in an hour and a half. Bruges is probably the best known of all of these cities. But she is always in the shadow of a significant Famous and famous cities of the old continent. The city is best to move by bicycle. This is because of the many small streets and the historic city center is under the protection of UNESCO. Within it, all with a sense of aesthetics will enjoy the medieval and Gothic architecture.

The town is located and Minnewater lake, known as Lake lovers. Couples come here to enjoy the peace, canoeing lake and feed the swans. Some just sit on a bench and enjoy the excellent waffles.

As Belgium is known for its French fries, there is even a museum dedicated to him. And if you are the kind of sweet, do not be afraid, there is also a museum of chocolate.

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