The 10 Commandments of Travelling

If you were to ask anybody what their dreams in life would be, it should come as a surprise if one would choose not to answer ‘traveling’. It is often said that life is not meant to be spent in just one place and that a human’s natural disposition would always be to wander – to explore. However, travelling does not come easy. It entails quite a lot to be able to indulge in a safe and enjoyable trip as travelling is not just about the photos you take or the delicacies you savour.


Here are the 10 commandments that should be heeded to ensure safe travel:


Thou shall manage thy cash flow

If you are travelling domestic, then a pre-travel stock up on bank notes may save you some time in looking for the nearest ATM. If you are travelling abroad, it is advisable to have some cash exchanged into the currency you will be using beforehand. Also, inform your credit card company of your travel as they can help you in keeping track of your spending patterns. This will also alert you if there are any suspicious transaction in your credit.


Thou shall acquire travel and medical insurance

Regardless of how some places may boast about how low their crime and/or accident rate is, one can never be too sure about their safety in an unfamiliar area. Make sure to avail of a travel and medical insurance that can cover emergency fees when applicable. It is always better to have safe travel than to be sorry you travelled.


Thou shall plan the first and last days thoroughly

When arriving at your destination, it would be best to be knowledgeable about how to get to your hotel without some hitches. Keep abreast of the nearest convenience stores, information centers, and bus stops. A well-plotted schedule is also recommended for the last day to avoid any untoward delay in getting to your departure area.


Thou shall leave behind a list of important numbers

No matter how much you may want to get away from home, it is vital to one’s safety that you leave behind important phone numbers. This is as well as the pre planned travel itinerary. This allows those at home to reach you at your convenience.


Thou shall keep electronic devices fully charged

Whether it be in the amusement park, a safari adventure or a trip down the local market, bringing a communication device is a must! In times of unforeseen mishaps, a mobile device (preferably one with data) can help you get around. In a foreign land, the streets can be hard to find. Thus when you feel like you have taken a wrong turn, your phone will be able to help you. So! Keep your electronic devices fully charge!


Thou shall read up on local customs and culture

Some places pride themselves in the richness of the culture. As culture does vary, it would be best to be informed about the customs practiced in your destination to avoid any miscommunication or ‘tourist ignorance’.


Thou shall keep a light wallet

Some may say it will be advisable to bring your passport around. As well as your whole wad of cash just in case your hotel room gets rob. But there have been more cases about pickpockets than those who trespass hotels. It is recommended to have a photocopy of your visa and/or passport information. It is better than lugging it around in case your wallet gets lost or stolen. Debit and credit cards are also wiser to use as they can be temporarily cut off in the case of an emergency.


Thou shall check the weather

A thorough understanding about the climate of the area you are travelling to can help you get a gist of what to pack for the trip. As well as to edit the advised itinerary according to weather updates. This can help you have a stress-free trip without having to worry about getting soaked or shrivelled up.


Thou shall stock up on emergency antidotes

Illness does not choose who to attack. In case of the unforeseen flu and travel bugs, keep a small collection of vitamins and medicines that help you stay in shape for your trip.


Thou shall check allowable items for check-in

For most trips, a souvenir for home is always essential. Keeping up-to-date about what can or cannot get through customs and borders. This can help you keep your valuable purchases and bring them homeward.


Now that you are geared up and ready, it is time to face the world you have yet to explore. Of course, this has to be done safely and enjoyably. Get packing!

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