Top 5 Financial Blogs to Read (2016 Update)

Top 5 Financial Blogs to Read (2016 Update)

Technological advancements have in recent years seen the online platform become a major spring for financial information. Investors are able to learn new things every single day. Blogging, which was once just a hobby where people only posted stories has been incorporated into the economic field. In addition, financial bloggers have sprouted all over the world. Singapore is not lagging behind in this revolution. Her social media world seems to be buzzing with a lot of information in the form of financial blogs for people to read. Furthermore, blogs have also embraced the fact that these days, social media allows sharing of more than just writings. Video clips, shorten writings and photos can now be added to blogs to make them more informative and exciting.

Some of the most informative financial blogs in Singapore that make the country the home of great investors are:

1.    Cheerful Eggs

Cheerful Eggs is one of the oldest financial bloggers in Singapore. The writer has discovered the efficiency of making simple while also real life illustrations of how each day is a step in the ultimate personal finance journey.

2.    A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI)

Famous for its reliable information on stock trends, the blogger is a vigilante who also shares how he made it. This is done by making voluntary top ups on his accounts in his tender ages and has seen the fruits in his age. The blogger preaches, especially to retail investors the importance of diversifying their portfolios with both risk-free and high returns investors.

3.    My 15 Hour Work Week

This blog teaches the idea that the right perspective about money equals the right investment decision. And according to this blogger, making it does not require people to have long hours at work all week. It can happen by making the right financial decisions

4.    Investment Moat

The blog is a beehive for information. Articles on stocks movements in the local market, occasional writer’s insights in the financial field and sometimes financial planning assistance are posted for readers to benefit from endlessly. It gives a very unbiased and independent review of the local stocks market. As a result, Investment Moat does not try to advocate for an individual firm.

5.    Budget Babe

The blogger is typically a young girl who openly displays her opinions about how she views financial institutions. In addition, she does not hesitate to say how lousy she feels of plans like the investment linked policies. Her posts were particularly popular for making people have a real life and right view of money. Furthermore, She fights to eradicate the materialistic view in people’s minds.


Hence, every aspiring investor in Singapore does not have to go through any hustle to know how the economy is fairing. Or even where to or not invest. Most importantly, at the comfort of their homes they can just view these and many other financial blogs to get this information.

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