Temples of Bali

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Despite elements of modernization, much of Bali, Indonesia remains as being a unique, island paradise. Full of great beaches, amazing food, wonderful spirit, incredible arts, and warm people, these are just a few reasons why Bali is a good choice for anyone who is up for adventure.

The most beautiful architecture is Bali is almost undoubtedly concentrated within the little island’s many temples. Whether it’s an abundance of monkeys, beautiful views, or the occurrence of stunning celebrations, Bali’s Hindu temples are quite a special treat for anybody looking to widen their perspective with unfamiliar and beautiful experiences. Here are three of the most highly recommended temples in Bali.

1. Tanah Lot

Located in West Bali, Tanah Lot is one of the most widely appreciated and frequently visited temples on the island. Many will say that it is home to Bali’s “best sunset” — but that claim has been attributed to another temple on this last, as well. Tanah Lot sits atop a rock, near the coast, in the ocean; the rock was crumbling, so roughly one third is artificial, and was designed to add aesthetic value to the temple. The temple is one of Bali’s most important and respected sea temples, and is only accessible in low-tide. Also, only Balinese people are allowed inside. Still, this is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bali.

2. Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is also a competitor for the “best sunset” in Bali, but it also brings another widely appreciated touristic element to the table; monkeys. The Uluwatu Temple is on the edge of a cliff which looks out to the ocean, and is located within a Monkey Forest. As with the other monkey forests on the island, guard your sunglasses, iPhones, and hats carefully; these macaques are trained to snatch, and are fully capable and willing to accept bribes. Heading out to Uluwatu Temple is a perfect day trip if you’re spending time in Bali.

3. Goa Gajah

Even though the “Elephant Cave” is possibly the most distinct temple that can be found in Bali; surprisingly, there are no elephants in the cave– not to mention that elephants have never been native to Bali. Conveniently located very near to central Ubud, Goa Gajah is a cultural and archaeological gem. This temple was built in the 9th century, and is unique in that it is a cave. It was not discovered by the Dutch until the 1920’s, and the temple’s signature bath area was not discovered until 1950’s. The area was originally a sanctuary.


The Temples of Bali are very spiritual places, but the locals are generally receptive to respectful tourists coming to observe and witness the rituals that take place there. Make sure to ask a local what is expected of you as far as appearance and behaviour to ensure that you don’t offend, and treat yourself to some amazing, active religious sites.

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