Payday Loan

Payday loans are short term loans. This loan is a grant to people who are working and receive a regular monthly income. It provides borrowers with immediate funds until they receive their next paycheck. This is where we come in. From time to time, we may encounter unexpected expenses and payday loan offers a quick and immediate solution to a small crisis. This ensures that you do not get trap in debts as repayment is made when you receive your next pay.

LoanFinder is the best platform which you can find the best licensed moneylender in Singapore. We are going through the filtering system and come out the list. Therefore, listed in our best licensed moneylender list is the best of the best. They not only offering loan with the lowest interest charge but however, they available with the flexible installment plan. Besides that, the main criteria become our best licensed money lender is the staff must well train to give all customer best services and explaining the terms and condition of contract in detail.

Only borrow from a licensed money lender

Lately, unlicensed money lender (known as loan shark) is rampant around Singapore. They are using various method to influence such as SMS, WhatsApp, or the internet. Loan shark is charge high-interest rate or harasses you and your family while chasing repayment. So be smart don’t be the next victim.

Therefore, be careful to choose Singapore licensed moneylender. To avoid this happen we strict to build the bundle of reliable legal money lender in Singapore which truly endorsed licensed by Ministry of Law Singapore. We will gather all the information and refer the most responsible licensed moneylender with nearby you for your convenient.

Only borrow an amount that you need, do not over borrow

You are lawfully committing to reimbursing the sum that you get, according to your reimbursement plan. If you fail to do so you may result in a decrease in your credit score. Therefore, never acquire beyond what you can bear to reimburse. Our specialists will enable you to work out a reasonable reimbursement plan.