Horizontal or Vertical Employment (2017 Update)


Gig Economy at its very Best

The old and traditional way of doing business is being altered at an enormous rate. In the contemporary business, the idea of employers hiring workers is being eroded. Now, there is a bunch of workers with no employer. Seems interesting? This is where the things may seem to be heading towards. This is, perhaps, where the future lies. There are varying opinions of how gig economy operates and whether it is feasible and sustainable or not. However, one aspect that even the naysayers agree upon is the fact that gig economy actually provides something new, unique and innovative. The ‘newness’ of the concept is enthralling, yet gripping at the same time.

Know the History

Here’s a glimpse of gig economy. The income is spread over various tasks, referred to as the gigs. Writing an article at one point in time, then doing some tutoring videos, and later, perhaps, experimenting with Uber. This ‘imaginary’ world of gig economy has become the way to go. But, when you dig down deep, is this really a new concept at all? You don’t have to put your thinking caps on get this one right.

No, on the face of it, it isn’t a new phenomenon. Go down the memory lane, and you’ll come across the fact that London, in the 18th century, was more or less the same. Traditional jobs are consider as a far fetch dream. People, back then, mostly relied on multiple jobs a day, ‘a bit of this and that’ sort of a strategy. Back to 21st century, again. According to a recent survey, 70% of the people who work independently actually like the idea of doing so. It’s more to do with the environment it provides, rather than a compulsion that all have to deal with.

What’s in Store?

Policymakers in the U.K., including Prime Minister Theresa May are looking for a way out in terms of tackling the issue. As per the figures indicated above, 30% of the people still resort to ‘gigging’ as the last option they can look forward to. This can be a cause of nuisance for the policymakers. An increase in the percentage can set the panic alarms ringing. As for now, the situation isn’t gloomy enough, but the macroeconomic indicators doesn’t take long to embrace a change either. Considering this, the ‘gig economy’ is better be look into sooner rather than later.

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