Design to get Bigger Roles in Business and Government (2017 Update)

Bigger Roles in Business and Government


The era of design expert to be limited to consulting firms is likely to be over, as the government of Singapore is planning to involve planning in every sector of the economy.  Improving expertise is paramount to the government, according to Yaacob Ibrahim, the honorable Minister for communication and Information; government agencies will help businesses to take advantage of design proficiency.

Bigger future roles for design experts

It seems the new dawn will take design practitioners way from consulting offices to collaborate and get involved in all facets of life in Singapore. The way businesses plan for expansion and growth as well as how government communicates programs to masses will soon have a touch of design practitioners.

There are steps to set the ball rolling, according to Yaacob, this week at Design week where he noted that designs a tool to help model, expand or overhaul a business as the case may demand.

The fact that design should never an afterthought, but an integral factor to explore, if a business wants to compete favorably in the ever dynamic, highly competitive consumers market.

Design attention: small and medium scales businesses at advantages

To get a fair share of the market, small and medium scale businesses are encouraged to consult design experts that will help in the business model, product branding, and marketing strategies. this will help to venture into new markets easy and offer new values.

The national agency for design to the rescue

To achieve this lofty dreams, the national agency for design; the design-Singapore council will collaborate with the economic development board to launch the design project. The program is aimed to link the design gurus with the industry. Thus, they will then be able to identify hidden opportunities in the market and how to get the consumers attention.

Small and medium industries to tap into the new opportunities

Design initiative is an opportunity for both small and medium scales industry to tap into the opportunities that this noble idea will bring in the long term. Getting a fair share of the market is becoming harder, and branding is a tool that will help to surge the market demands in the favor of young competitors.

The future of both government and businesses in Singapore is beginning to get a new look. The design initiative will introduce innovations. In addition, it will also create better market shares for businesses. Especially for those that are willing to tap into the new look Singaporean society of branding and design.

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