Banks with Lowest Credit Card Interest Rate in Singapore (July 2017)

Lowest Credit Card Interest Rate

In a developed wealthy country like Singapore, people are more likely to carry around their credit cards where you can easily swipe and go rather than having cash at hand which tends to be bulky in the pockets. In a survey conducted by HSBC 4 years ago, Singaporean card owners owned the most number of credit cards in Asia with an average of 3.3 cards per individual. This goes to show that credit cards have become an integral part of the Singaporean lifestyle. In the end, what is there to lose most especially when there’s a wide array of benefits and credit card interest rates that you can choose from?


Thinking of getting a credit card in Singapore?


There are a lot of banks in Singapore where you can apply for a credit card from. But of course, not all of them have the same benefits and rewards as the other. This is where the competition gets tough. However, if you are looking for banks with the lowest interest rate, you’re lucky that you happen to stumble upon this article.


1.    HSBC

HSBC offers an interest rate for as low as 24% per annum. They have the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card which offers up to 5% cash rebates on recurring expenses such as household bills, groceries, and gasoline. With this, HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card has been hailed as the best family card. Aside from that they also have the HSBC Revolution Credit Card and the HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Card.


2.    Maybank

Aside from having a good reputation in banking, Maybank is also known for having a low-interest rate. Their lowest credit card interest rate is 15% which is offered in their Maybank Platinum Visa Card. By far, this is the lowest interest rate offered among different banks. Moreover, Maybank also has the 24% interest rate which is also not that high. This is offered in their Maybank World MasterCard, Maybank eVibes Card, Maybank Family and Friends Platinum Card, Maybank Catholic High Alumni Platinum Associate Card, and a lot more.

3.    ANZ

ANZ’s Switch Platinum Card offers the lowest interest rate that the company could provide. With 23% interest rate, this is already not bad as compared to the other offers among its competitors. Aside from the outstanding rewards and offers, it also has a lifetime zero annual fee.


4.    DBS Bank

This Singaporean multinational bank remains constant in giving an interest rate for as low as 24.9% in its credit card offers. Starting with DBS Woman World MasterCard, its credit card interest rate is the same as the DBS Live Fresh Visa Card, DBS Live Fresh Visa Student Card, DBS Black American Express Card, and a lot more of these cards that are offered in store for you.



Availing the lowest interest rate is not an assurance that you’ll be free from a sea of debts because it still depends on the way you manage your expenses. Nowadays, owning a credit card is already a necessity no matter where you are in the world. It is indeed very handy, most especially in emergency cases, but it requires proper handling to avoid problems in the future.

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