5 Tips on How to Travel Cheaply (2017 Update)

How to Travel Cheaply

If you are in a group of fans who loves to explore as much to travel, to experience and learn about new culture, while you have a limited budget, below are a few tips which I adhere to when planning a trip.

I hope this post will encourage many of you to go looking for cheap deals and start planning the next trip. Because the money that we spend on travel is investing in new experiences that enrich us! Of course, it will be even better if we can do it cheaply!


Air tickets and accommodation are usually the most expensive during the holiday season and for the holidays, because then most people go on vacation and traveling. Try to plan trips out of season, especially when it comes to visiting some European cities that you can visit for a few days. There is little need flexibility to be able to organize and have some days off. The best prescription is to connect several days with weekends.

The proposal is to create a plan which destinations you want to visit, for example, in the next two years and then follow the action and adjust the deals with huge discounts. With a little effort and a little bit of flexibility always find a flight to a desired destination. My list is very long, so I always find something interesting.

Follow the discountof air tickets

Once you have decided where you want to travel after you’ve determined the framework terms that suit you, but not holidays or striking season when everyone wants to travel, follow the discount for airline tickets. That is certainly one of the largest budget items travel and when to get rid of the rest can all organize very convenient.

For a little more exotic destinations follow Air France and their special offers WOW Wednesdays at which offered flights and by 40% lower prices.

With a little persistence, flexibility with the terms and research plane ticket can solve quite affordable and after that there will be no more obstacles.

Pay in installments

My recipe when it comes to financing the trip, is payment in installments. One month get rid of ticket you always try to buy a few months before the trip. After that one of the coming months deposit accommodation and then saving up for an allowance.

In this way, cost allocation and “force” to be saving up for what I enjoy the most.


If you are not too demanding when it comes to accommodation then truly, there are a lot of possibilities to find a decent place to sleep. Via Booking.com I  found is quite a cheap hotel, but when choosing the appropriate, of great help to the user comments and their ratings of the hotel. Even in Istanbul, Amsterdam and Berlin, we have found accommodation through them and really every accommodation to fulfill the promise. Another even more favorable option is Airbnb.com.

Organize yourself your dream trip

I’m not a fan of organized trip because when I travel and I love exploring able to make a plan and to spend time in those parts of the city that I am particularly interested in. So far, this method of travel proved as favorable because, compared with some arrangements of travel agencies, and we managed to pass the 50% cheaper (and perhaps sometimes more). When you’ve covered travel and accommodation expenses, the rest is really up to you. In each city you have a choice when it comes to food and in major European cities have the possibility to eat Exectuvie things at incredibly affordable prices as was the lobster in New York ($ 30) or a top Thai cuisine for only 5 euros in Berlin.

To visit some sights always ask if they have any discounts for visiting several museums and galleries, for example. How much you spend on going out and enjoying each course individually or in any case there is always the possibility to enjoy maximum and with modest budgets. It is important that you go, try and see something new and return full of impressions per full charge.

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